Project Ready: College Readiness & STEM

Project Ready College Readiness

In April 2008, the Indianapolis Urban League (IUL) received a two-year grant from the National Urban League to implement the Project Ready (PR) Curriculum in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis affiliate is one of the original eight Project Ready sites nationwide. Project Ready, a National Urban League initiative, which has a set curriculum, is a year-long program designed to prepare 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to navigate college. The evidence-based Project Ready curriculum was developed jointly by the National Urban League and City University of New York(CUNY) and is comprised of three (3) major components: 1) Academic Development 2) Social Development, 3)  College Culture  Awareness.  More importantly, there is a set of explicit student outcomes for each curriculum component, which are guided by an Individual College Development Plan (ICDP). This plan is developed with input from participating students and their parents or caregivers. The Indianapolis Urban League’s (IUL) current Project Ready Indianapolis (PRI) sites are community high schools George Washington (GW) and T.C. Howe (TCH) that enroll students from grade seven through twelve (7-12). Project Ready Indianapolis has secured funding for the 2015-16 school year to expand to two suburban public school districts in Indianapolis in Warren and Wayne Townships at Ben Davis High School and The Renaissance Academy respectively.

Project Ready STEM

In 2014 Project Ready Indianapolis for the first time in its history began providing STEM instruction in after school programs at three middle schools: Emma Donnan Middle School (Charter Schools USA) and Creston Intermediate Academy and Creston Middle School co-located in Warren Township. The primary purpose of the After School STEM Initiative was to provide opportunities for academic enrichment to meet state and local student academic achievement standards as well as exposure to and hands on Science activities and STEM careers. The first year pilot was provided through a grant from The Comcast Foundation. The 2015-16 year activities are jointly funded by The Comcast Foundation and USA Funds. IUL is also providing after-school programming at T.C. Howe and Emma Donnan Middle Schools under the auspices of a multi-year, 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant jointly awarded to a partnership between Charter Schools USA and the Indianapolis Urban League. Emma Donnan’s activities are focused on STEM Instruction utilizing the NUL Project Ready STEM Curriculum Guide and other resources in alignment with Indiana standards of instruction.