Indianapolis Urban League

Community Service

The Exchange (IULYP)

Community Service & Activities

Young Professionals Speakers Bureau – The Young Professional Speakers Bureau (“YPSB”) is comprised of enterprising young professionals who seek to pay it forward by engaging Indianapolis youth on topics ranging from character building to professional aspirations. YPSB volunteers speak with youth age 12 and up about their careers, how they got there, lessons learned along the way, and strategies for achieving the same. YPSB believes that in order to inspire and inform our youth of their potential, it is important that they see people who look like them living out those aspirations. With so much negative imagery surrounding our youth, YPSB seeks to counter that imagery with positive examples of success. We encourage young professionals with time to spare (however brief) and a story to share to join our listserv.

National Day of Service – As a part of the National Urban League Young Professionals, annually The Exchange hosts an event that is volunteer-lead and supported for Indianapolis area students. The 2018 event STEAM into the Future Youth Day, held on April 14, 2018 focuses on process improvement through technology.

Providing volunteers to serve the IUL and their various program initiatives throughout the year.

Members of the Exchange often serve the community in volunteer leadership positions. In 2017, their effort was measured and our members serve more than a collective 100 organizations both locally and nationally. There is no doubt they carry The Urban League Movement with them. The Exchange is a go-to organization for identifying qualified, prepared, and engaged board, committee, and task force members.

Social Engagement

The objective is to leverage social media and events to generate exposure for the IULYP platforms and enhance membership participation. The following are currently under development:

Post-Meeting Meet-up: After every meeting, we continue the monthly meeting momentum at our default hang-out: The Stacked Pickle. We enjoy food & conversation, with new and familiar faces. This is one of the best opportunities to get to know our talented membership on a personal level.

Indy YBP Slack Channel – Indy YBP is an 800+ member young professional platform that organizations and individuals utilize to connect to others, share news, organize events, collaborate and grow awareness for social and political movements. A channel has been created specifically for The Exchange to leverage the platform and grow awareness in real time. This will put the group directly in contact with prospective membership.

Facebook/Instagram Presence –This is the best way to keep up with us. All pictures and messages will be united around this hashtag to communicate The Exchange’s platform, grow awareness and connect socially in the minds of all stakeholders. #ExchangeIUL