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The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship

The Indianapolis Urban League is pleased to announce we are accepting applications for the 2024 Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship Program endowed by Kaaren and Mike Rodman in honor of their parents Shirley and Allen Burke and Faye and Hubert Dabner to ease the financial barriers for students of color seeking a post-secondary degree who is committed to the achievement and making a significant impact on their post-secondary institution through leadership and service.

The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship recipient will receive a $5,000 educational scholarship applied over four years at $1,250 per year.  The recipient is also eligible to receive The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship Assistance Fund, up to $1,000 over four years of undergraduate studies for non-academic needs or unforeseen emergencies, in recognition of needs beyond traditional academic costs.

In speaking of their parents, Kaaren and Michael Rodman had these thoughts to share:

 “Like all African-American parents of their generation, our parents believed that education was the key to a better life for their children. They knew that getting there would not be easy, so they were clear about the need to study hard and get good grades. They were tough sometimes, but mostly they were nurturing, supportive and inspiring by example.  They wanted us to love learning and to stay focused on the goal of preparing ourselves for careers and lives that would make a difference for our children and our community. We became a teacher, a banker, a musician, and a physician, and they were really, really proud. The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Scholarship Program gives us the opportunity to thank them and to give back in a way that honors them and recognizes all they did for us.”

Rodman Faye And Hubert Dabner (mike's Parents) 3.16.22 Cropped

Faye and Hubert Dabner

Rodman Shirley And Allen Burke (kaaren's Parents 3.16.22 Cropped

Shirley and Allen Burke


The Indianapolis Urban League is also accepting applications for the Indianapolis Urban League Scholarship Fund now through Friday, March 29, 2204.  High school seniors enrolled in the Indianapolis Urban League Program may also apply for the Project Ready Scholarship.

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Applications for the 2024 Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship, and Scholarship Fund are now being accepted.


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The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship Application - 2024