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Staying Safe And Productive Among COVID-19

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“Social distancing is the most important and effective tool we have to defeat COVID-19,” said Gov. Holcomb. “If we act now, we can save lives and then re-open our state for business, group activities, sports and the other things we enjoy doing together as Hoosiers. But we need every person to take this seriously and do their part. We are truly in this together.” All Hoosiers are encouraged to show how they are practicing good social distancing, whether they are at home, at an essential business or going out for essential needs.

“This campaign is sharing a critically important message with the people of Indianapolis as well as residents across the state,” said Mayor Hogsett. “It’s clear that social distancing works. And while restrictions have presented challenges for businesses, families and workers, the health and safety of Hoosiers has to continue being our top priority. In order to meaningfully address this public health crisis, we must ensure people understand that their actions impact the wellbeing of their neighbors. We really are in this together.”

The #INthistogether campaign underscores the urgency of these social distancing tips:

  • Relax at home. Right now, relaxing at home is the best way you can help our healthcare workers and first responders. Essential businesses are still open and everyone can go to grocery stores, the pharmacy and for medical care as needed.
  • Avoid close physical contact. Remember to maintain a safe distance of six feet apart and keep up healthy hygiene practices, including wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, clean and sanitize frequently, and cough or sneeze into elbow.
  • If you feel sick. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, call your physician and try to isolate yourself from others in the home.
  • Stay connected with friends and loved ones. There are multiple ways like video conferencing, when available, that allow people to see each other on computers and smart phones. People are also encouraged to write letters and call or text people to check in and connect socially. Try to say hi to neighbors from six feet away.
  • Take care of yourself. That includes your physical health and mental well-being. Staying home does not mean you can’t go for a run or walk as long as you maintain a safe physical distance. Eating well, occasionally turning off the news and a good night’s sleep are important.
  • Support our community. Look for creative ways to virtually give back to your community. Call an elderly neighbor, say hi over the fence, offer virtual tutoring or donate to an organization or community fund, like the Indianapolis Urban League.

Thank you for joining The Indianapolis Urban League by showing how you are safely and creatively practicing social distancing and staying healthy while at home via #INthistogether  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see photos of our staff doing their part in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Special Meal Service

The Indy Parks food teams and partners are out serving meals Monday-Friday at multiple parks and other sites. If you or anyone you know is in need, visit these sites for meals each day. For more information call 317.327.PARK or visit

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Tips For Staying And Working At Home

Call friends and family and share trustworthy information you hear about current events to help spread the word and keep everyone safe! Visit more information.


Choose a home office or work-space: It’s important to keep your home and work life separate. If you don’t take a break from work your productivity will decline and your home life might suffer as well. If you’re used to going into an office each day the separation between work and home is physical, recreating this setup at home can help when transitioning into working remotely among this pandemic.

Get Dressed: This may seem like a trivial tip but it can help a lot. As nice as it is to lounge around in PJ’s all day changing clothes can signal to your brain that it’s time to get work done. Carrying on your day’s as normal can make you feel better in unpredictable times.

Stay Focused: When working from home try to only take as many breaks as you would if you were at the office. It’s easy to get distracted, especially with the news. Being informed about COVID-19 is crucial, however it’s easy to become overwhelmed and anxious about it if you’re constantly scrolling through your news feed.