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Lend your voice! Call your Senator today – TANF Bill Hearing

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PLEASE CALL NOW: SNAP/TANF Benefit Cliff Bill Hearing

It’s not too late to call!

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to share that Sen. Ronald Grooms, chair of the Senate Family & Children Services Committee, will be hearing SB 313 Eligibility for Public Programs. This bill, authored by Sen. Jean Breaux, would smooth the benefit cliff for SNAP and TANF, while seeking to make more college students eligible for SNAP.

The hearing is at 9:00 am Monday, January 27th. Could you please call or email the members of the committee first thing in the morning to voice your support?

Sen. Ron Grooms, Chair 317-234-9425
Sen. Greg Walker 317-232-9984
Sen. JD Ford 317-232-9847
Sen. Jean Breaux 317-232-9534
Sen. John Crane 317-232-9984
Sen. Stacey Donato 317-232-9466
Sen. Jon Ford 317-232-9517
Sen. Mike Gaskill 317-234-9443
Sen. Erin Houchin 317-232-9488

We don’t know at this time if the committee will take a vote on the bill or just hear testimony, but any show of support will help our cause. Thanks so much!

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