Indianapolis Urban League

Key Bank grants $250,000 to 10 non-profit programs to develop financial wellness programs

INDIANAPOLIS — As banks move more-and-more of their financial services to digital platforms, a push is underway to make sure everyone in the community has access to them.

Key Bank announced $250,000 in grants for local non-profits. The money will go to 10 different community organizations in Central Indiana. It will be used to develop educational programs for digital banking and financial wellness.

The John H. Boner Community Center is one of the organizations receiving the grant. Leaders there said they already have financial programs for seniors, but the grant will help them add digital banking ones as well.

“We put the phone in front of them and just walk them though,” Dean Johns said. “We will walk them through and we are really excited about the opportunity to work alongside Key Bank.”

Employees with Key Bank will partner with the local non-profits to create these programs. Most will be geared toward low and moderate income residents.