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Broad segments of our community believe Black lives matter.

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Indianapolis, IN, May 31, 2020 – The last several days a multiracial and multi-generational protest against the realities of being Black in America and in Indianapolis has convened in our city—and it was a powerful affirmation that broad segments of our community believe Black lives matter.

IMPD has recognized that organized efforts to protest have been peaceful. Unfortunately, a small group of agitators with motives and intentions to loot, riot and be violent are jeopardizing such efforts. We strongly condemn such actions.

We also refuse to allow such actions to delegitimize our community’s concerns. We cannot allow such actions to shift the narrative from Black men and women dying to the violence inflicted by agitators on our hometown.

Black people in Indianapolis face social and economic realities that are the result of institutional racism and/or policies implemented by democratically elected officials who were either willfully unconcerned about racial inequity or practiced a policy of indifference.

Even now we have to fight for basic rights and dignities that are already afforded to us by the US Constitution. Black Lives Matter.

We will continue to support peaceful protest. Our community is resilient, but we are tired. We have taken to heart that a multiracial and multi-generational coalition of Indianapolis residents see our frustrations, are willing to hear our concerns and have supported the call for progress.

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About the African American Coalition Statement on Protests

The African American Coalition of Indianapolis (AACI) is a non-partisan collaboration of African-American civic, social, professional, service and community organizations with a goal to educate and engage African Americans in the local, state and national political process.