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The 2019 Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship Award Recipient

Mackey, Anthony Head Shot Rodman Scholarship Recipient 2019
Burke,dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship 2019

Anthony Mackey, the inaugural recipient of The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship and Scholarship Family Assistance Fund, will attend Purdue University this fall seeking his Bachelors of Science in Computer Graphics and Technology with a double major in Game Development & Design.

At a young age Anthony was presented with health challenges of seasonal allergies and asthma and a recommendation from his doctors not to play football. Already a part-time swimmer, Mackey committed to swim year-round to improve his lung capacity. 2019 was the culmination of hundreds of hours of practice, when Anthony as a varsity member of the Pike High School swim team, helped his school win the IHSAA Sectional Champion 200 Medley Relay.

As with athletics Anthony was challenged academically at an early age, earning a perfect ISTEP math test score in the third grade, ready for Algebra he had to wait until middle school; too early to start a high school transcript and zoned in a school district that did not offer Algebra in middle school. Waiting until his 7th grade year, Anthony started his middle school day at the high school, attended his Algebra class, headed to the middle school and finished the day with swim practice.

Anthony shared in his essay “Potential and Perseverance” his belief on what makes a leader and his hope to impact future generations:

“Since I was in grade school, my classmates looked at me as a leader because I was smart. I do not believe that is what makes a leader. For the ten years I swam competitively, I was almost always one of the only African-American male swimmers. I believe that leadership is when someone has the will or courage to take a path that they, or others, might not consider because it is not the norm or easy road.

My physical build is like that of a football player. As an African-American male, I have tried to break down the misconception that I should be a football player and Calculus was not a subject where I could excel. I believe these types of accomplishments can change perceptions about me and others in my community.”

Anthony is described by his teachers and community leaders as: humble, very inquisitive, focused, intelligent, empathetic, a great role model, and an outstanding citizen with the unique ability to move easily amongst and between groups of people from diverse backgrounds and ideologies.

The Burke, Dabner, Rodman Family Scholarship is now closed. The deadline to receive applications was midnight, Wednesday, July 29th.