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I Need You to Listen, Hear and Understand Me (INYLHUM) Tour

The INYLHUM tour is a youth empowerment program that engages elementary, middle and high schools, community organizations along with faith-based organizations.  Our annual goal is to reach 1,000 students with messages and tools that aid in making positive life choices. The program focuses on anti-bullying and sexual health awareness.

The INYLHUM Tour is an edutainment model funded by Indiana State Department of Health, Marion County Health Department, the Indianapolis Urban League, Indiana AIDS fund and USA Funds.

Program Features Include:

  • Peer to Peer Education Model
  • 55 minute assembly style education
  • HIV Peer Education Certification Available
  • HIV Positive Speakers (youth testimony)
  • Q & A
  • Poetry/Music/Videos
  • Male and Female Youth appropriate emcees
  • Incentives (Pre & Post Surveys)
  • Youth Focus Group Involvement
  • Referrals for HIV/STI Testing

2014 INYLHUM Tour Accomplishments and Impact:

  • Exceeded our annual goal of reaching 1,000 by impacting 1558 students
  • 150 attended National Get Tested Day and 33 participated in HIV & STD screenings
  • Over 1,000 participated in the Your Life Matters Celebration hosted in partnership with the UniverSoul Circus
  • Over 600 spectators witnessed the 12th Annual UniverSoul Circus Sneak Peak
  • Partnered with Light of The World Church to co-host the Walgreens Wellness Mobile Unit and conducted 57 HIV/STD screenings
  • Over 100 participated in the Anti-Bullying Youth Fashion Show during Midwest Fashion Week
  • 65 Viewed the IUL’s World AIDS Day screening of the movie, deepsouth
  • Provided HIV/STD education to 100 young men at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

Other Achievements and Learnings:

  • 70% of students completed and submitted pre-surveys and post-surveys
  • 80% of respondents confirmed that they gained knowledge from both the HIV/STD and Anti-Bullying presentations
  • 85% of students learned that people infected with HIV display no symptoms
  • 84% of students learned that having sex multiple partners increased their chances of being infected with HIV and other STDs
  • 60% of respondents said they would get tested for STDs twice per year
  • 50% stated they would intervene and no longer be a bystander when bullying occurs
  • Three (3) schools expressed an interest in establishing peer-lead anti-bullying clubs

Previous INYLHUM Tour Sites and Partners:

  • Tindley Girls Academy
  • Thomas Carr Howe Community High School
  • Lighthouse Charter School
  • Love Yourself Enough Summit
  • School #63 HIV Women & Girls Day
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Youth Summit
  • Tabernacle Presbyterian Football Team
  • Crispus Attucks Middle School
  • Indiana Black Expo Youth Summit
  • Bullying Workshop Provider Network
  • Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School
  • National Get Tested Day
  • River of Life Church
  • Community Day Beauty School
  • Stonybrook Elementary School
  • George Washington Community High School
  • Emma Donnan Middle School
  • Providence Cristo Rey High School
  • Brownsburg High School

INYLHUM Success Story- Paige Rawls

Paige Rawls, an Indianapolis native is an HIV advocate, speaker, author and educator.  She currently attends Ball State University but her speaking career began many years ago. The Indianapolis Urban League’s INYLHUM program featured Paige as its premiere speaker and the face of the program. Through INYLHUM, she helped educate thousands of students over the four years she toured with INYLHUM at high schools, middle schools, colleges and churches. Now, Paige speaks nationally on numerous talk shows and was featured at the US Conference on AIDS.  In late 2014, Paige was asked to mentor Miley Cyrus in preparation for her role as the 2015 GLAM spokesperson for the MAC Corporation which gives millions of dollars to HIV / AIDS research and programming. Lastly, Paige released her autobiography “Positively Paige,” in 2014. The IUL is extremely proud of Paige and her commitment to helping others by telling her story.