Indianapolis Urban League

2021 Legislative Year In Review

Know Your Interest Legislative News Final 2.11.21

“Know Your Interests”

Indianapolis Urban League In Action Against Anti-Community Policing Bills

and In Support of Root Cause Solutions 

From January to April 2021, we tracked over 100 bills and weighed in against Anti-Community Policing Bills (HB 1033) and fighting for police reform (HB1006), and juvenile reform (SB 368), and were active at the Indiana General Assembly in support of common-sense police reform legislation.

We continue to stand in solidarity with the business community, advocacy organizations, and the citizens who marched this summer to improve police and community relations. This is the time to advocate not only for positive police reform and against anti-community policing legislation, but we also must support root cause solutions combating food deserts, improving tenant-landlord relationships, supporting mental health, and advocating for improvements in education.

We stopped SB 198, SB 96, SB 34, and HB 1205 which were various attempts at sending a chilling signal against those who might be arrested during a protest.

We addressed efforts to chill the right to protest (194). 

We couldn’t win them all…
HB 1033 Residency of police officers and firefighters., HB 1541 Landlord-tenant relations, SB 187 Protection of monuments, memorials, and statues.

This is not an exhaustive list of what happened at the Indiana General Assembly. But after a bit of a break, we will begin the process of strategizing on how to complete our unfinished business.  View our full Legislative Summary with wins and unfinished business.

We appreciate all of the support our team received throughout this legislative process. Your advocacy was key on both offense and defense. We stopped a lot of bad bills and had a few wins of our own. More significantly, we set up our advocacy for the future.

Yours in service,

IUL Advocacy Team