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2022 No Menthol Sunday

No Menthol Sunday Fb Banner May 15, 2022

No Menthol Sunday 2022

Although the number of African American smokers continues to decline, approximately 9 out 10 Black people who use tobacco products choose menthol products. The minty flavor of menthol makes it easier to start smoking and harder to quit. For decades, Big Tobacco has targeted Black and minority communities through point-of-sale marketing, billboards, scholarships, free giveaways, and images claiming that smoking and vaping are cool. On Sunday, May 15, congregations across the city of Indianapolis and the country will participate in No Menthol Sunday activities to raise our consciousness about important issues in Black Health.

The Indianapolis Urban League encourages you to join in No Menthol Sunday. Share and post your support for “No Menthol Sunday” on your platforms using #NMS2022.

For questions please email Madison Good, Tobacco Program Coordinator at

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Check Out The No Menthol Sunday Adult Coloring Book

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Nine Reasons Why Menthol is a Social Justice Issue

  1. Tobacco companies spend millions to hook people of color.
  2. Tobacco companies flood vulnerable communities with their products.
  3. Communities of color are surrounded by tobacco advertising.
  4. Tobacco companies exploit other cultures.
  5. More Black youth are addicted to menthol tobacco.
  6. Menthol is more addictive and keeps users hooked.
  7. The tobacco industry slashes prices, especially in lower-income communities.
  8. Menthol cigarettes have created a heritage
    of illness.
  9. Menthol products end a disproportionate number of Black lives.

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See the Pen gOmGzYq by Connor Bryant (@connorjbryant) on CodePen.