The Exchange (IULYP)

Community Service & Activities

Young Professionals Speakers Bureau – The Young Professional Speakers Bureau (“YPSB”) is comprised of enterprising young professionals who seek to pay it forward by engaging Indianapolis youth on topics ranging from character building to professional aspirations. YPSB volunteers speak with youth age 12 and up about their careers, how they got there, lessons learned along the way, and strategies for achieving the same.  YPSB believes that in order to inspire and inform our youth of their potential, it is important that they see people who look like them living out those aspirations.  With so much negative imagery surrounding our youth, YPSB seeks to counter that imagery with positive examples of success.  We encourage young professionals with time to spare (however brief) and a story to share to join our listserv.

GOTV Video Effort – In collaboration with the Indianapolis Recorder, IULYP has been taping 30-45 second videos from registered voters in the community. Voters are asked “If you could tell one person one reason why they should vote in this upcoming election, what would it be?” The purpose is to encourage and increase voter turnout. All videos are uploaded to social media for viewing and sharing to increase awareness.

YP (IN)GAGE – This first time event was to specifically geared toward engaging Millennials and YPs civically. In collaboration with Indyhub, this was a platform for everyone to be in one room. Attendees met the new YPs running for City County Council, the Marion County Election Board conducted onsite voter registration, YPs had an opportunity to sign up to volunteer with both parties, a new social media app for politics was introduced, year round civic engagement opportunities were shared, and attendees were told about a mobile app for voter registration and updates.

Legislative Effort – Last year, IULYP focused on pushing legislation to support the Your Life Matters initiative. YPs were trained how to track bills and testify at committee hearings.  In collaboration with other local organizations, IULYP spearheaded getting legislation supported and passed, focusing on education, while petitioning against legislation that would negatively affect African American males. This year, IULYP will focus on new legislative efforts that are specifically affecting our state in accordance with the National Urban League legislative agenda.

Downtown Indy/Indiana Black Expo – The IULYP has been engaging with Downtown Indy and Indiana Black Expo on ways that they can increase their engagement of minority young professionals.  Gains have been made with both organizations from a programming perspective. Downtown Indy has now programmed three events targeting minority young professionals on Georgia Street with one event nearly doubling normal event attendance. Indiana Black Expo has expanded its programming to include a YP Day Party during Summer Celebration and Circle City Classic. It is our intent, with both organizations, to identify YPs that might engage at a leadership level on boards or other capacities.

Juvenile Detention Center Effort – The JDC Effort is an incredible opportunity to mentor the young teens housed at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. The focus is to discuss adversity and how to overcome it. More urban professionals are needed to serve as role models/mentors for these at-risk youth. The group meets the second Saturday of each month from 10-11 a.m.

Little League Effort – Forest  Manor Athletic Association’s Little League had a great start this past spring thanks to the help of the volunteers that came out on Saturday, March 28th to clean-up the ball fields. Volunteers included Indianapolis Urban Professionals, Center for Leadership Development students as well as volunteers from the Forest Manor Athletic Association. Some of the athletes from the league were also present to help with the work. Thanks to community partners Dirt Cheap Contracting for helping with lawn care and Kroger for providing breakfast snacks for volunteers.

Project Ready/Project Lead – Tekiah Tunstall leads program initiatives for IULYP, specifically Project Ready and Project Lead. Project Ready is a signature program of the National Urban League – a set of evidence-based standards and practical tools for the purpose of having urban youth ready for college, work and life. Activities for Indy’s Project Ready include working with IUL counterparts to learn more about Indy’s participation nationally and garnering support from the community and local organizations. The goal is to make Indy a Project Ready STEM site. Project Lead is IUL’s talent development initiative. Plans include organizing a mini-conference within the IUL region where information from the National Leadership Development Conference can be shared locally.

Social Engagement – The objective is to leverage social media and events to generate exposure for the IULYP platforms and enhance membership participation. The following are currently under development:

  • Downtown Lunch Meet Up Series – This series will be marketed toward young professionals who work in the downtown area. Once a month on Friday starting in November, the group will meet, simply to connect and engage in deliberative dialogue centered on networking and civic awareness.
  • Indy YBP Slack Channel – Indy YBP is an 800+ member young professional platform that organizations and individuals utilize to connect to others, share news, organize events, collaborate and grow awareness for social and political movements. A channel has been created specifically for The Exchange to leverage the platform and grow awareness in real time. This will put the group directly in contact with prospective membership.
  • Instagram/Twitter Presence – #LifeAsWeClimb campaign. All pictures and messages will be united around this hashtag to communicate The Exchange’s platform, grow awareness and connect socially in the minds of all stakeholders.