Samra Gebregziabher

Samra “Sam” Gebregziabher

Workforce Development Program Assistant

Sam Gebregziabher is originally from St. Louis, Mo.. In 2002, after graduating from high school, she joined her family and moved to Indianapolis, IN. She graduated in 2009 from IUPUI where she earned two degrees in Political Science and International Studies.  After graduating from college, she stayed active by volunteering at various organizations with focuses varying from educational to disaster relief and was also accepted to the PeaceCorps.   Sam had a solid work history and decided that she was interested in pursuing a career, but was not sure where to begin.   She was introduced to the New Beginnings Program at the Indianapolis Urban League (IUL) through a friend at her Women’s Empowerment meeting. Sam quickly enrolled in and attended the IUL’s New Beginnings and Professional Advantage Programs.

After successfully completing both programs, she immediately began volunteering daily for the IUL Workforce Development Department.  After a couple months of volunteering, Sam interviewed for the Workforce Development Program Assistant position and was offered the position.  She enjoys her work and many say they can hear it in her voice when she speaks about the New Beginnings Program and through the help she provides the program participants.  In her free-time Sam enjoys traveling, watching movies, and spending invaluable time with family.